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Clothing/Uniform Committee

  • Ronny Davenport
  • Jack Ingram
  • Aubrey Hale
  • Kurt Holley

Clothing Quote from C.O.P.S for 2017: (submitted by Ronny Davenport)

  • Use this form to get all model numbers when purchasing from C.O.P.S
  • They have this form on file to know what can be purchased for the department.
  • Orange Highlighted fields are having to be corrected.  I will update the form as soon as I receive the corrections and update it in the “2017 Clothing Order” folder
  • Make sure to notice the ON DUTY & OFF DUTY tabs at bottom of Workbook.

Attached here is the information for clothing order. A 2nd notice will have additional documents referenced in the form attached.

Below are pictures of clothing and the approved clothing list for 2017.

  1. Order dates are from 8-14-17 to 9-4-17
  2. Make your checks payable to LOCAL 2067
  3. PayPal purchase available
  4. Money is due by 9-7-17 @ 17:00
  5. There will be a plastic tub located in the Captain’s office at station 9.  It will be labeled “CLOTHING ORDERS”.  Make sure your payment is secured with your name on it.

To place your orders go to the following links:

The forms should be filled out online and when completed make sure to hit submit.  You should receive an email confirmation once you complete your order.